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Modflow model checker error

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I've made a 2 layer model.

In the 1st layer wells there is no water level, while in the 2nd layer wells there is water.

I've interpolated the water levels and map them to stating heads only for the 2nd layer.

I' ve no data for starting head in the 1nd layer, just because they seems to be dry.

When I run the Model checker, I get this error: Starting head lower than bottom elevation in cell ....

How can start a simulation setting dry cells in the first layer?

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Thank you.

By the way, yesterday I solved by setting the water level in the middle of the layer top/bottom elevation regardless of the water level measures.

As I set a Recharge condition, the running model converge to a solution.

I 'll now set the starting heads as you suggest me.

If you make the heads -999, they will be considered dry.

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