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eddy viscosity and mesh design


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Hi everyone,

I am using sms FESWMS to model a river reach of 5 miles and I would like to know more about how to estimate the eddy viscosity.

to design the grid I used the peclet criterion Pe = U*dx/e where dx is the element size, e the eddy viscosity and I imposed Pe=30. Estimating the eddy viscosity using what suggested in the FESWMS manual (e=0.6*ustar*H) or the log law gives very very low value and therefore the grid size is too small. As a result the steady solution is affected by spatial oscillation. So at the end I have chosen a grid size of 10m and then computed the eddy viscosity using the Peclet criterion in order to have Pe=30.

My question is: is there any other way to estimate the eddy viscosity for river reach? anyone knows any reference?



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