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GMS Model size restrictions

Sean Czarniecki

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In the 64 bit version of gms I have loaded a model with 4 million cells (this is the biggest I have seen). I have seen various models with 1 million cells and many models 100s of thousands of cells.

I have loaded the 4 million cell model on a computer with 8 GB of RAM. I haven't run MODFLOW with it so I can comment on the amount of RAM for that.

As far as the modflow executable I am not aware of size restrictions with the number of cells since most of the arrays are allocated at run time. We have a 64 bit version of modflow that we ship. I have run 1 users model that used the UZF package with MF2K5 and the executable used 4 GB of memory.

Hope that helps.

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Well, after the project I'm working on is completed, I might be able to provide more information on this as I test limits. While I've dealt with 1 million cells before, we're looking at pushing a model to 7 million cells. I can create the grid, but need more RAM on my machine (I've only got 4 GB right now) to get it into MODFLOW. If I can't get it to work, I'll have to come up with creative ways to work with less precision.

If I establish a large amount of virtual memory, do you know if GMS will account for that and use it, or does it only look to the RAM to determine if there is enough memory? I'll be testing that today, but if you know the answer before I spend time going down that road, it would help.


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