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Dry cells problem!!!


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Dear all,

For the past few weeks I have been trying to get rid of dry cells problem in conceptual model approach using MODFLOW 96 module of GMS v3.1. The aquifer layer is divided into five simulation layers and are assigned same boundary condition (specified boundary condition) with same hydraulic conductivities in vertical and horizontal directions. But only the first layer cells appear dry every time after simulation. Can anyone tell me about this problem?


Surajit Deb Barma

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You haven't provided quite enough details to provide a good answer. If you have specified upgradient and downgradient boundary conditions that should create a constant gradient result in your upper layer, then they shouldn't be dry. Not adding any/enough recharge to the system could be the problem. Also, sometimes too much distance between the boundary conditions can create a problem in the middle cells such that while the model is iterating towards a solution, a cell could go dry.....and then cells around it could go dry....and the problem just expands. This is not likely the issue. I would say that it probably has to do with the boundary conditions and recharge.

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