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I cant register WMS 8.4 (august version)

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This year I used WMS 8.4 (February version), yesterday I had problems exporting my projects to HEC-RAS. Then download the update from August. Apply for a temporary AQUAVEO sent me a temporary password. When trying to activate the program displays the following message. "virtual machine or network lock server required" on the option LICENSE CODE* and I can not access the register. Only the option HARDWARE LOCK is active.

I uninstalled the system and the message is always the same. What part should be configured in the system to activate the option HARDWARE LOCK to register the license code key?.

The attach file is the window to register WMS.post-49-131743903098_thumb.png

Sorry for my english.

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Oscar, you probably need to contact technical support using the email link on www.aquaveo.com. I think the problem is that you're running WMS remotely or on a virtual machine and you can only do this if you have a network hardware lock. You cannot use a password with remote desktop or a virtual machine. Tech support should be able to clarify your questions. Hope this helps, Chris

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Hi Oscar,

Just to confirm, if you are using remote desktop, a virtual machine, or a similar configuration, you will only be able to enable the software with a network hardware lock. If you would be interested in getting a network hardware lock, please contact our sales staff at sales@aquaveo.com.

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