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PEST for River Cond. and Rechard

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I've built a running model MF2K 3 layers with LPF packages CHD1 and River RIV1 (apply to 1 to 3 layers) Recharge RCH1 (layer 1) and Wells WELL (layers 2 and 3).

My observation points are in layer 3.

I want to get the optimal values for recharge and river conductance.

I followed the Tutorial for Automated Parameter Estimation but I can't get the list of parameters from the 'Inizialize from model' button.

If I press 'New' I get a HK_1 record but how I can set the RCH1 or RIV1?

I set negative values to RIV1 and RCH1 parameters and map them to modflow.

Another question regarding boundary conditions:

-the sea level is set to a constant elevation, 0 m aslm. Is it correct to use a CHD1 boundary?


daniele lattuada

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Go into the RIV package and the RCH package and make sure that the negative values are there. If there are there then it is possible that there is a bug and you could send your files along to support@aquaveo.com to look at them, but I haven't heard any reports of any problems with this feature.

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