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I am wondering when to use GeoArea's during model creation. Was the logic behind data structure that you'd use them as a raster mask during GeoRaster creation? I couldn't find any examples that show GeoArea's being implemented. I have a project that has several discontinuous aquifers and it looks like the GeoArea would help me define these aquifers. Any enlightenment on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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The GeoArea feature class is used to represent the extent of hydrogeologic units when working in ArcMap. There aren't any geoprocessing tools or examples in the tutorials that specifically use it. Basically, the idea is that the 2D polygons in the GeoArea feature class show the boundary or parts of the 3D GeoVolume features, but they could easily be used as a mask for creating GeoRasters (just like any polygon).

You could also use the Aquifer feature class if want to store a set of polygons for your aquifers. Both Aquifer and GeoArea have an HGUID attribute, which allows you to associate a hydrogeologic unit ID with the HydrogeologicUnit table. One HGUID can be used for multiple polygons in this case; it's not a one-to-one relationship. So if you are using multiple polygons for the same aquifer, just make sure you assign the same HGUID to them and you should be able to keep track of them just fine.

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