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SMS Map File to 3D polyline shapefile


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Good afternoon. I have a map file with elevations on the arcs. I would like to save this out as a 3D polyline shapefile for import into ArcMap. I have done this before, but am not sure how I did it (on accident). It must of been how I saved out the shapefile.

As of now, when I do a file save as shapfile, it does not save out the elevation. It is only a polyline, not a polyline Z file.

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Hi Matt,

I am not aware of SMS ever being able to export out 3D polyline shapefiles. However, you could export the map data as a dxf/dwg file by right clicking in the "Project Explorer" and selecting "Convert to CAD", then selecting "File | Save As" and changing the "Save as type:" to "AutoCAD Files (*.dwg;*.dxf)". You can then add this AutoCAD file into ArcMap using the "Add Data" tool and the lines will be loaded as Polyline Z features with the elevations specified in SMS.

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