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Batch Processing with Time Series Model


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I created the time series model as outlined in the Well and Time Series tutorial, the model runs for idividual time periods but when i attemp to batch run it manages to run all the way through once and add the raster to the raster catalogue but on the second iteration it manages to make the points but wont use the IDW tool to interpolate the points as it says the points dont exist. I remember having this issue also when i was on the course, is there anyway you know to get around this?



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Hi Simon,

We are aware of this issue but have not yet been able to resolve it.

For now, I think the best approach is to export the model you created to a python script that with minor edits would enable you to batch the process.

Attached is an example model you can use as your base. You will probably need some minor edits to make sure the paths in the model point to the right location on your computer. You can run the script in batch mode from the attached toolbox in Arc Map.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,


water level map script example.zip

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