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Compiling PADCIRC on multicore machine


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hi there.,

'm sorry, most of my questions seem weird.,

but i would like to ask.,

is there any way can compile the padcirc on my computer.

i've got good hardware.

my WorkStation is 8 intel xeon core based and 'm currently running xp.

my colleagues also have the same config - 3 more machines.

i've got padcirc code from ftp (one has to place a request for the same).

i've read through make complrflags file, but unable to locate windows xp environments.

now that i'm interested in compiling the same on this machine and use mpich2 and accelerate the processing.

can some one sort out this issue.

thanks in advance

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Yes it is possible to compile and run padcirc on a windows machine. The only issue is that there is no real support out there on how to do it. I know of one other person who has done it, not that I am saying there is only one but I only know of one. Basically you need to check that you can compile the adcirc code first, as this is generally simple and should test that the code is written to your compiler specifications. Edit the code as needed to get it to compile. Now you need to get the mpich2 libraries and figure out how to correctly link them to the padcirc files. You also need the metis library files which you can compile using a c compiler or download from the web as a dll. Then just compile all the files for padcirc whilst linking in the mpich2 libraries. You will need the metis libraries in the adcprep routines. You will also need to compile the adcpost files.

It only took me about 3 weeks to do, but it is possible.


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