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add ability to export time series of each zone budget component of each zone (including inter zone transfer)

Todd Wood

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Add ability for exporting time series of each zone budget component of each zone, including inter zone transfer. You can currently get the time series of flow components from boundaries etc. (display > Plot Wizard > Flow Budget vs Time, then view values for whatever zone, and export). But this only gives the boundary conditions (incl. pumping etc.), and does not give the flows between zones (say from zone 1 to 2 and vice versa).

Also, if you click on ‘CCF’ and select MODFLOW > Flow Budget, select the zone and choose all time steps (this takes a VERY long time to calculate), it shows the budgets for each time step (including the inter zone movement), but not in a form that you can then pull out time series for individual zones (including inter-zone flows). It would be nice if there was a way of pulling out time series of the complete budget as individual time series like the plot wizard way but including inter zone flow.

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