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Shapefile to DEM

Nick C

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Need help with the right steps for converting from shapefile to DEM. I have multiple shapefiles that I am trying to convert into one DEM file. I have tried using the GIS module to convert to feature objects, and then use the map module to make polygons for tining. But when I try to make the polygons WMS freezes up. It gets to 1% complete and then stops. I have let it sit for 20 minutes without a change.

When using smaller files, I am getting issues with open contours obviously not wanting to be polygons. Is there an easier way to do this other then edit all of my shapefile lines to closed?

Also, after I convert to feature objects, when I get to the mapping preview it is showing nothing in the box but a column with numbers 1-10 in it. Is my original data the problem here?

Help? if possible.....

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Nick, the best thing to do to learn about converting shapefile data to feature objects is to go through the "Using TINs" tutorial here. You should especially focus on section 8 of the tutorial, which discusses how to convert DWG contours to a TIN. Once you have a TIN, there is an option to convert a TIN to a DEM. In the tutorial, it discusses how you convert DWG contours to Feature arcs and then convert the arc vertices/nodes to a TIN. For what you're doing, you need to convert shapefile contours to feature arcs and then convert the arc vertices/nodes to a TIN in the same way. If you have several shapefiles containing contour data, you should be able to put all the shapefile data in the same feature arc layer and then convert all your contours to the same TIN. When converting shapefile data to feature arcs, be sure to map whatever field represents the contour elevation on your arcs to the elevation attribute of your arcs so elevations will be mapped from your shapefile to WMS. Also, you must create a generic coverage when converting shapefile contours to feature arcs for creating a TIN. Hope this helps, Chris

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