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GMS runtime problem

D R Sena

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I have been running GMS 6.0 for my problem with a complex lithological system, where in I have about 12 horizons. I had converted them to two layers and assigned to modflow layers I had put in the requisite boundary conditions. when I check for simulation i don't find any errors excepting few warnings like the changing head boundary ..... The simulation too runs showing the model result like head variations. but the directory structures in the solution directory comes with only .extension with no name attached to it. Anybody let me know the reason. Next time when I open the file the modflow solution under grid vanishes and I have to do all the steps beyond grid assignment again.

DR Sena :unsure:

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Dear all,

I am attaching the captured simulation window again for the problem I face while running GMS 6.0. in the simulation manager I don't get the simulation file names after completing simulation. Only .glo, .out ..... etc. Further when I save this simulation and re-open it whatever simulation result I got earlier vanishes popping up a message the file doesnot exist and it opens until the grid covergae missing all modflow simulation steps. I had to do all over again. Kindly troubleshoot the error.

DR Sena




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Thanks Sean,

I could trouble shoot the error. It was a silly mistake and an oversight while saving the project simulation file a tiny window that I was missing due to oversight at the bottom of save window. i.e. saving simulation file to a folder option.

Thanks again as i could get it by repeatedly saving to a generic test file as mentioned by you and finally came across this oversight.


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