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You can try using the Zonal Classification tool to create a polygon that meets a specific set of rules that you specify. You can then select the polygon and use the "Feature Objects | Select/Delete Data" tool to select the nodes within that area. You could then invert the selection (right click in the display and select "Invert Selection"), delete those nodes, and save the mesh file ("File | Save As", then change the type to a mesh file) with a new name so you don't overwrite the existing mesh file.

Alternatively, if simply selecting nodes/elements within a specified range would be sufficient for your needs, you can select the dataset you are interested in, then select "Edit | Select By | Data Set Value".

If you'd like to visually display a range of values you can also try using the contour options in SMS. If you select the "Specify a Range" option in the contours tab of the display options, you can enter minimum and maximum values and deselect the "Fill below" and "Fill above" checkboxes to only view the range you are interested in.

I hope this helps.

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