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Map to MODFLOW Error


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I have a problem with an existing model. It is a 7 layer model in GMS 8.0.8. After generating the model and running it in MODFLOW, I decided to change the layer elevations around a bit. When I map the new layers to Modflow, I can see in the Modflow/Global/Top Elevations dialog that the old elevations are still there.

I can manually set the elevations in the Modflow/Golbal/Elevations menu, but how do I know what else is not being updated when I change my conceptual model. I have had this problem in version 7 of GMS with things like wells and barriers not updating to the new parameters when the conceptual model has changed, but deleting the Modflow simulation and creating a new one and remapping always fixed it.

I am not sure what is happening, but it is a major problem. Does anybody know how to work around this without completly rebuilding the model from scratch everytime I want to change something?

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