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FESWMS spindown question

Dan Wagner

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Hello everyone,

I'm manually spinning down a FESWMS flo2DH model to a known flood discharge and water surface elevation. Target Q of 40,100 cfs is the inflow (upstream boundary condition is set at this value), and target WS el at the downstream boundary of the model is 905 ft above sea level. The water surface elevation I'm at in the spindown process is about 940 ft. Spindown is going OK and the model seems to be stable.

The problem: The reach of floodplain I'm modeling is in a mountainous area and drops about 35 ft in 1.5 miles. The known water surface elevation at the upstream end of the model (from high water marks) is 937 ft above sea level. As I've been spinning down, I've been disabling elements as they've gone dry to help the model stay stable. However, I'm to the point where some elements that span the known water surface elevation at the upstream end of the model are within the wet/dry boundary. So the question is, do I continue to disable these elements? It seems that I should leave the elements enabled, as they will need to be when I start calibrating the model to match the known flood. Or am I in a type of situation where I'm going to have to start tweaking roughness coefficients to keep the water surface high at that end of the model? Anybody have any experience in such a situation?



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