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Pilot Points with VK

Alan Lemon

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A user asked the following:

Will GMS 8.1 have option to setup VK as pilot points, there are only two options for pilot points, HK & REC; any recommendation to estimate VK (Kz), as an independent parameter, other than estimate VANI (Kh/Kz) ? use zones instead of pilot points ?

My response:

No GMS 8.1 will not have that option.

But there is a work around. If you put a key value into the VK field in the LPF dialog (for example -101) and then make an "HK" parameter that uses -101 as its key value. Then assign the pilot points just as you would for an HK parameter. When modflow runs the pilot points assigned to the parameter with the -101 key will be used to fill in the VK array with values of -101.

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