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Nested variogram in model view.

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Model view used to show a nested variogram (two variograms) for

anisotropy 2 parameter (downhole direction). This stopped with 6.0.

Along same lines as above, the variogram list should show the panel that lists parameters that created each variogram. This information is more important and harder to document than the model parameters (if they've even been set).

Another minor enhancement long overdue is the posting the number of samples used for each gamma calculation (each variogram point). At one point these were color distinguished and named with their different lags. They all have data grouping parameters similar to the second panel below its easy to get this second pane or group of panels separated from the variograms they produced. It'd be great to add this panel to the Variogram Editor view (and have it update based on which varigram is selected.

(Requested by a user)

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