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elevation set to zero when mapping to MODFLOW

Todd Wood

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A user reported the following issue a while back:

"If you set the evapotranspiration elevation by copying the elevation of the ground surface or something like that and then create a polygon, set an evapotranspiration rate to it, and map it to modflow, it replaces your evapotranspiration elevation with zeros.

It would be nice if you could have a way to preserve the elevation by locking it so it wouldn't get written over with zeros. If I only want to change the ET rate by mapping polygons, it wipes out my elevation, which is not designated by a polygon (it is my ground surface, which varies across the model domain and entered via interpolation methods). I would think that this is a fairly easy programming fix (i.e., don't remove the other ET parameters when only mapping one over)"

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Hi Todd - That was definitely from a while back. Do you recall when that was, because I know it was me and I'm pretty sure that, at that time, the error was occurring even when I didn't have "ET elev" turned on in the coverage? If you can tell me when it was, perhaps I can pull up the project and email conversation and confirm if it was actually resolved or if I just walked away (not my nature). Thanks!

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