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MT3DMS steady-state

Todd Wood

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Include the steady-state MT3DMS simulation option mentioned on pages 43/56 to 45/56 of the MT3DMS v5.3 Supplemental User's Guide. The supplemental guide explains that there is a steady-state option for MT3DMS v5.3 (see page 43/56). The guide notes that the fully implicit finite difference solution option ("Standard finite difference method" in the "MT3DMS | Advection Package" window) must be used to run a steady-state transport simulation (see page 43/56 for explanation).

Although this feature is not supported in GMS (as far as I can tell), the supplemental user's guide describes how to set up a steady-state MT3DMS simulation (see pages 44/56 and 45/46 of supplemental user's guide) by manually modifying the input.

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