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We have a series of rasters of the top of our stratigraphic units (aka horizons)in Victoria, Australia. I have added them to a GeoRaster Catalog however the Raster to GeoSection tool only works if the SectionLine is drawn where all the horizon units overlap. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a work around to having to manually check to see which horizons will be present for each SectionLine and creating a GeoRaster Catalog with only those horizons each time?



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Hi Dan,

Currently the tool will only process a cross section if it is within the extent of all rasters specified in the raster catalog. So the limit is the raster with the smallest extent. However you can "trick" the tool to process all cross sections by changing the selected features in the section line feature class and changing the clip/fill values in the GeoRasters raster catalog.

Here is an example:

We have 3 rasters where the top raster has a smaller extent than the two other rasteras shown in Figure 1. also notice there are 3 section lines and one of the section lines extends beyond the extent of the smaller raster.


If we run the tool for all 3 section lines we will only get GeoSection features for the section lines that are within the extent of the smaller raster, as shown in Figure 2.


To create GeoSections for the section line that extends beyond the extent of the top raster we can disable that raster by going into the GeoRasters raster catalog and setting the clip and fill attributes to 0 (as shown in Figure 3). When setting the values to 0 the tool will ignore this raster in the filling process.


The final step will be to select only the section line that we want to process and rerun the Raster To GeoSections tool (make sure that the append option is active so you don't overwrite the GeoSections already created). The tool will only run on the selected section lines and will create the GeoSection features for that cross section. The only drawback is that there will be no GeoSection feature created for the top raster as it was disabled from the process. The final results are shown in Figure 4.



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