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max. velocity vectors


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If you wanted the largest velocity magnitude through time, you can use the max function described below. The trouble is if you want the x and y components associated with this magnitude, I'm not sure how this can be accomplished. I'm not sure how you can find the direction associated with the maximum magnitude. You could break it into components and get the maximum x and maximum y and convert these into a vector dataset but this would give a higher resulting magnitude because the largest x and largest y components may not occur at the same time.

To get the maximum of all timesteps of the dataset labeled d2 in tree window, the computation code should look something like: "max(d2:all)." I don't remember which version introduced this capability it may only be in SMS 11.0 beta.

I cannot think of an easy way to accomplish this within SMS.

Hi folks

Is there a way to calculate the max from different time steps of a velocity vector dataset with the data claculator?




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