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To simulate underground mining


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Hello GMS users

Could there be options to simulate mining (dewatering) other than as a drain cell? such as Lak package, assigning high hydraulic conductivity/ storage value?

Specific details of my area- The orebody is located 100-150 m below ground. The task is to simulate the drawdown and recovery of the groundwater in the vicinity of the mining area and to assess the impact of dewatering on surface water (river is found <150 m, represented using river package). It is a fracture flow system. 4 Hydrostratigraphy units, from upper to lower layer in order- oxidized layer, jointed layer, sheared zone orebody layer and basement layer. Time series recharge is estimated as rainfall %. K vaue was estimated from packer tests (1*10-6 m/s upper layer to 5*10-8 m/s for the basement). The principal aquifer is the jointed layer =4*10-7m/s. From previous mining within the model area located downgradient, the groundwater level has not been recovered for the last 15 years (since end of the mining). Could this indicate low storage value of the aquifers? poor recharge mechanism? Could this be a challenge to represent a discrete fracture flow system of the area as a porous media using MODFLOW?

Other than a new mining site (which is located upgradient), the old mining (the one located at downgradient) is also planned to restart mining at the same time.

Also, Could pilot point and regularization assist calibration (steady and transient) in fractured flow system?

Suggestions, ideas, approach and sharing experiences are appreciated.



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