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Problems with SMS 10.1 TerraServer web services


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Some of you have encountered problems with downloading TerraServer aerial, topo, and urban images using SMS 10.1 web services. This is because at the time of the download, the server that this version of SMS tries to access, is temporarily down. When such an error occurs, I would recommend that you look at other online resources to download these images.

We have a list of several options on our Geospatial Data Acquisition page for Imagery on our online wiki. As the first option on that page describes, SMS (11.0) uses MSR (Microsoft Research Maps) to download imagery for the United States.

SMS 10.1 and SMS 11.0 access different servers to download data from the web. SMS 10.1 gets its images from the old TerraServer while SMS 11.0 accesses the newer MSR maps. If you would like to know if the service is down in either program, you can try opening those links in a web browser.

Another option is to replace the "terraserver.exe" executable file in the C:\Program Files\SMS 10.1 directory with the "terraserver.exe" executable file in the C:\Program Files\SMS 11.0 directory (assuming you have SMS 11.0 beta also installed). You may want to keep the original SMS 10.1 terraserver.exe file as a back up in case the one you replaced it with is down.

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