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Error message in simulation check

geo zahid

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Dear All

I really need your help.

I'm confused and having problem with this error message:

Error: The Changing Head Boundary Condition is below the bottom elevation of cell

Now I wanted to do and what I did:

I wanted to do a groundwater flow model with a specified head boundary a river.

here what I did:

1. built a solid model using lithologs

2. a conceptual model: polygons for specified head boundary and recharge rate

3. made 3D grids and a new modflow

4. defined the layer ranges in solids

5. interpolate the solids to modflow (used grid overlay option)

6. mapped conceptual model to modflow

7. Interpolate 2d elevation data to the top of the modflow layer-1

now when i try to check the modflow simulation: simulation checker gives me the above error.

and when I run the model it doesn't work as expected.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Zahid

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You have specified head boundary conditions (which in recent versions of GMS get mapped over as "changing head" boundary conditions) which are at elevations lower than the bottom of the cells they are mapped to. For example, if you mapped a constant head elevation of 130' into a layer with a bottom elevation of 132', that is not going to work. You need to adjust one of them.


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