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GMS 7.1.9 - gui & screen capture factor

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Each time I start GMS 7.1.9 and get it maximized, I've to rearrange the left side panel width because it doesn't fit the button menu size/position. Is there a way to save settings or to override the default options?

Attachements: gms-side-bar.png

I used to set the screen capture factor size to 2. When I set it to 2 in GMS 7.1.9 I get the project windows moving in order to get the screen captured by the factor 2. The output image has the correct resolution/dimension, but the boreholes set as control points are in wrong position (as they has been captured with the factor setted to 1).

If I set the screen capture factor size to 1, everythings is correct. Any suggestion?


gms-screencapture-factor1.png (target boreholes in the right position)

gms-screencapture-factor2.png (target boreholes in the wrong position)


daniele lattuada




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I was unable to reproduce the error where the toolbar is too wide. I would recommend completely uninstalling GMS 7.1 and reinstalling the latest build of GMS 7.1 from here.

I was able to reproduce the screen capture error. It looks like this bug is not fixed in the latest build of GMS 7.1. However, it has been fixed in GMS 8.0. I looks like you would need to upgrade to GMS 8.0 to fix this issue. If you have a current maintenance license then upgrading would be free. You can find out more about GMS 8.0 here.

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GMS will store window position and sizes in the registry. Sometimes you can fix this problem by cleaning out the GMS saved settings in the registry. Back up your registry first so you can restore it in case things go wrong. Look in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EMRL\GMS 7.1\ Try deleting the DlgPos or the ToolbarState keys.

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