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Problems with changing FEMWATER 3D mesh


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To change a 3D mesh (using the TINS method), you have to do the following steps

1. Delete the old 3D mesh

2. Load in any new 2D scatter data (for the TIN elevations)

3. Interpolate 2D scatter data to the TINs

4. Fill between adjacent TINs to create the 3D mesh

Because deleting the old 3D mesh also deletes the FEMWATER simulations, after this, you also need to

5. Create a new simulation (FEMWATER|New Simulation).

6. Map the conceptual model to the FEMWATER Mesh/Simulation.

(Unfortunately this all involves lots of fiddling around and pointing and clicking, and there is no way of scripting it that I am aware of.)

Now the good thing is, GMS remembers most of the simulation settings, so you don't need to reenter them. But not all!

===== it doesn't remember the initial conditions, or the variable time steps or the reference time. Could this be fixed please?



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