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UZF Package 2

Bruce Campbell

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Hi Alan -- Got the new GMS beta build (8.0.6) and attempted to get the model running with the UZF package. Switched the MOFLOW version to 2005 and made a run to be sure everything still worked and it did. Set up the UZF inputs and attempted a run but it is still stopping at the same place - the IRUNBND array. The UZFBND array looks good now, only the active cells have "1" and the inactive cells have "0". I'm putting the files on your FTP site now: Chest22_trans-b.zip. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Alan -- Have kept trying to get the UZF package to go with no luck. Did bring in the UZF test model on the USGS web page into GMS and it imported and then ran with no problems. Must be something with my files but I've attempted to make most of the UZF package inputs similar to or the same as the USGS test model files.

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I ran your model and it looks like the model requires too much memory for a 32 version of modflow. When I run it through the debugger I can see that it fails when it trying to do an allocation in the UZF package.

Here is the error that I get:



Version 1.8.00 12/18/2009

This file is not a GMS MF2K superfile. Assuming NAM file

Using NAME file: Chest22_trans.mfn_1

Run start date and time (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss): 2011/03/31 11:24:58

forrtl: severe (41): insufficient virtual memory

Image PC Routine Line Source

mf2k5_h5.exe 00B5C7FA Unknown Unknown Unknown

mf2k5_h5.exe 00AFCD40 Unknown Unknown Unknown

mf2k5_h5.exe 00ACAD89 Unknown Unknown Unknown

mf2k5_h5.exe 0074630B Unknown Unknown Unknown

mf2k5_h5.exe 006BC77C Unknown Unknown Unknown

mf2k5_h5.exe 00BDC543 Unknown Unknown Unknown

mf2k5_h5.exe 00B36BCD Unknown Unknown Unknown

kernel32.dll 75633677 Unknown Unknown Unknown

ntdll.dll 778F9F02 Unknown Unknown Unknown

ntdll.dll 778F9ED5 Unknown Unknown Unknown

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