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ADCIRC Wind Fields in STWAVE

Bret Webb

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I am attempting an ADCIRC -> STWAVE simulation whereby the ADCIRC water levels (fort.63) and wind fields (fort.74) are interpolated to the STWAVE 2D grid for a number of times. According to the STWAVE documentation, the half plane version of the model does not allow for variable wind fields, yet this appears to be allowable in SMS 10.1.11. However, the model always crashes (see error below) when I try to run such a simulation. If I remove the variable wind fields and specify "constant" wind speed and direction for each STWAVE simulation "event" then it appears to work just fine.

So will SMS somehow allow you to apply variable wind fields to a half plane STWAVE model run, or is this fictitious? I have tried to specify the full plane version, but then I always get the "virtual memory" error, so I've actually never been able to use the full plane version.

STWAVE errors when attempting a half plane simulation with variable wind fields...

*** Model Started

STWAVE Half Plane Version 5.6

values for ni,nj,dxinc,dyinc 499 334 200.0000


values for nf,na,epsang,iprp 30 35 5.000000


nselct 0

ainc = 8.7266468E-02

inside time loop, itms = 1

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

Image PC Routine Line Source

stwave.exe 00448110 Unknown Unknown Unknown

stwave.exe 0043C585 Unknown Unknown Unknown

stwave.exe 00445AF1 Unknown Unknown Unknown

stwave.exe 00562963 Unknown Unknown Unknown

stwave.exe 0053C8C3 Unknown Unknown Unknown

kernel32.dll 7C817077 Unknown Unknown Unknown

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