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trouble using SED2D


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Hello everyone,

I'm a student and currently learning to use SMS (version 8.1) to simulate sedimentation in an estuary. I use RMA2 to simulate the flow, and SED2D for the sedimentation (since I don't have CMS-flow).

However I'm having problems with SED2D. Error keeps occurring every time I run SED2D. I get no outputs, and the model just stops.

I tried changing the x, y scales in the Model Control tab in RMA2, to see if it would make any effect on SED2D, and it did. When I entered a value (in both the x and y scale spaces) of 30, I had got SED2D to run. But when I checked the calibration error from the output of RMA2, I found a high error value using RMSE. This situation was different from when I entered a scale value of 1 in the x, y scale spaces, where I found a small error value using RMSE. Why is this occurring? Any suggestions? Any help would be great! :)



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