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Hi ,

In my project, I've created a MODFLOW model within GMS, and I've imported several output files (as the recharge, grid, etc.) in ArcGIS software, in order to make many operations in VBScript.

Then, I need to export and import file in MT3DMS (as the pollutants concentration, Ibound state, etc.), and I wish to know if it's possible to apply ArcGIS's output files and run the MT3DMS model without open my GMS application (because users haven't knowledge in modelisation).

I've seen the MT3DMS 5.3 executable, but I don't know if GMS output files are in the same format...

Thanks you for your help.


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Thank you for your answer.

I've managed to run MT3DMS52.exe in command DOS, but I have a problem with the concentration file.

I've tried to use the PM.exe to export formatted data, but no data are created. I think this is at this point in the PM.exe prompt :

1) "Specify total elapsed time at witch contour map is needed"

What is the good format to inform the time elapsed?

if I write -1 to have the last time step, the command DOS is closing (...)

if I write 0 to specified Time step transport, and stress period, what is the good format?

Then, I have an other question. Where I can found the .cnf file? Because until now I need write manually the .cnf file and it's possible I have make an error...

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