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GMS Materials - change material by selecting cells


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I used the solids to modflow method to assign materials in GMS 7.1.2. As is presently set up, if you select cells and then click properties, you can change some values, but if you have assinged K with materials, it is un-editable in this manner. I later decided to convert to K values and just use the materials and solids as a guide to get me started with assigning K values. This worked OK, but it would have been nice to be able to quickly select groups of cells of a particular material and re-assign them to another material, much as you can do by selecting cells and changing K values. With this capability, it would be relatively easy to test layering and material effects in MODFLOW without having to keep trying to recreate solids in exactly the way you want by creating numerous psuedo boreholes. I even tried changing cell values by using the EDIT/Materials/Edit button, but this list, which had i and j cells transposed, could not seem to change the material in a single cell. Obviously, even if it did work, this is slow and tedious compared to just selecting some cells and changing the material, were it to be possible.

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