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vertical hydraulic conductivity-quasi 3D


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I am trying to convert a 3-layer, previously calibrated model into a simplified 2-layer model (quasi 3D approach). The middle layer of the original 3-layer model has a very low vertical hydraulic conductivity while the upper and lower layers have much higher values. In the 2-layer model, I need to assign a vertical hydraulic conductivity to the upper layer which will best represent the leaking effects caused by the combination of the two vertical hydraulic conductivity values of the top 2 layers in the 3-layer model. Can someone please tell me how to do this? Do I need to manipulate the values first using the thickness of the middle layer? Do I need to use the BCF package or can I use the LPF package? I ask this latter question because the "Leakance" parameter only appears in the former. Finally, in the LPF package there is a little box that can be checked called "Remove vertical leakance correction". Will I need to check this box?

Thanks, Menachem.

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