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Hi everybody,

I’m trying to model waves in a zone of the Pacific coast of South America. Right now I’m working with ADCIRC and SWAN. I’ve had no problems with ADCIRC (already created the mesh and run the program); my real problem is with SWAN. I know my question is out of the forum topic but if anyone has worked with SWAN before I would really appreciate the help.

I’m working with SWAN because you can use the ADCIRC mesh to run it; my problem is that SWAN needs a “k” value that indicates the ocean boundary of the mesh, and that value is supposedly indicated in the fort.14 file but I can’t find it. Does anyone know where this “k” values is?



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I believe it refers to the open boundary segment that you which to perscribe wave spectra for, so if you have multiple open boundaries then you can define the wave spectra differently along each of these boundaries. If you have a single open boundary then k=1 and you specify the wave spectra along this single boundary.

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