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Distributed recharge rate

Mette Christensen

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Hi all

I have a regional groundwater model in GMS 5.1.

I need to plot a map showing distributed infiltration/recharge to layer 4, which is a sand layer (or any other deeper sand layer in my model). So basically I would like to extract flow in and out of the top of each cell in layer 4.

The closest thing I can get myself is creating vectors from the ccf. file, and then use Data -> 3D data to 2D data -> max value from K-layer

and then doing this for layer 3 (a clay layer). This gives me the sum of all flow in each cell in layer 3 and be exported as 2D scatter points. The Z-component covers 90+ percent of all flow, so if I divide this value by two, I will get an approximately ok value. However it doesn't say whether flow is going up or down.

Anybody have any better ideas. I have GMS 7 also, but the client want to have the model in 5.1, so I'll prefer to keep the data here if possible.



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Right click on the CCF data set in the project explorer and select the CCF->Data Sets command. One of the generated data sets will be "Bottom". This data set should give you the information that you need. If you want this in GMS 5.1 then you can perform the CCF->Data Sets command in version 7 and then export the Bottom data set to a file and import it into GMS 5.1.

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