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Problem when saving a file


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These days l have problem that when l am saving an existing file with another name to do my work my computer closes sometime or the file name is something like this example: BOREHOLES and now BORE...1, the half name with nymber 1 in the end..and also l cant open my files it stucks..l dont know what to do!thank you

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There is a newer build than the one you have. You can download it from this site ftp://pubftp.aquaveo.com/download/GMS/.

I would uninstall the version you have and install the 6.5.7ful and see if it fixes your problem. If it ends up being a bug in GMS 6.5 then we are very limited in how much we can help you because bugs are only fixed in the latest version of the software which is GMS 7.1.

Hopefully the later build helps with your problems.

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