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ADCIRC_files fort.41 to fort.46


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I'm currently evaluating SMS 10.1 and more especially ADCIRC. I can't find a way to make ADCIRC create output files no. 41 to 46, available in the output file list. Are they useable at the moment? If yes, what have to be done to obtain them? If not, when would it be ok, and how density, temperature and salinity will be assessed by ADCIRC?



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Actually, I'm able to put a check in the Output column for those files, the problem is that they are not created... I am entering same start and end times as for files 63 and 64, which are created. Am I right when I expect that files 44 to 46 are created even if I don't define recording stations? They seem to be "global" as files 63 and 64.

By the way, I noticed that files 63 and 64 appeared in the timing tab when checked, whereas files 44 and 46 don't!

I really feel I missed something because I don't understand how ADCIRC could make calculations on density or temperature and salinity without any initial informations about that! Is there an input file or something I have to create???



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