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ADCIRC - Model Control - Sediment Transport Tab

Bret Webb

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What is the status of the sediment transport option in the SMS ADCIRC model control dialog? It now allows me to select a bunch of options for estimating sediment transport, but I don't see any new output generated from the model run. Is this feature still unsupported?



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I've asked aquaveo before about this but got no reply. I asked Jason Fleming (ADCIRC guru: http://seahorsecoastal.com/) and here was his reply:

The version of ADCIRC that you have does not provide sediment transport capability. One reason for this is that the numerical algorithms that it employs do not guarantee local (i.e., element level) mass conservation.

Thats not to say that it doesn't conserve mass locally; its just that it is not theoretically guaranteed to do so.

Normally, when we want to look at the motion of conserved quantities in an ADCIRC velocity field, we seed the flow with passive particles and apply a particle tracking algorithm as a post processing step.

The visualizations that were posted by the ADCIRC development group (http://www.nd.edu/~adcirc/sed.htm) were produced by a research version of the code that solves a different set of equations. These equations do guarantee element-level mass conservation and are therefore perfectly suited to sediment transport modeling. This research version is referred to as "the DG version of ADCIRC" because these equations are called Discontinuous Galerkin (as opposed to Continuous Galerkin in the current version of ADCIRC).

So as I understand it, the version of ADCIRC bundled with SMS does not do sediment transport.

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