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Wave setup - STWAVE


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I would to know more about the way the wave setup phenomenon is included in STWAVE. I read in the User's Manual that wave setup is taken into account in the radiation stress calculations ("Gradients in radiation stress are calculated in STWAVE to provide wave forcing to external circulation models to drive nearshore currents and water level changes (i.e., wave setup and setdown). Wave-driven currents are generally the dominant forcing for sediment transport in the surf zone.").

Does STWAVE take into account the wave setup in the wave height calculations ?

Also, does CMS-FLOW take into account the wave setup ?

Thanks in advance,


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As I understand it, STWAVE calculates wave radiation stress that can then be used as input into a flow model (e.g. cms-flow). It is this stress acting on the flow model's hydrodynamics that leads to the simulation of wave setup by the flow model.

I don't think SMS 10.1 supports coupling of STWAVE and CMS-Flow however, only CMS-flow with CMS-Wave, through the steering module. You can have 2-way coupling whereby the CMS-wave radiation stress drives currents in CMS-Flow, which then supplies its water level and currents to CMS-wave to calculate their effect on the waves.

I read in the CMS-Wave manual that it can calculate an approximation to wave setup by itself (i.e. without coupling to cms-flow), though I haven't explored this option.


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