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Exporting Native MODFLOW Files

Bruce Campbell

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GMS Developers -- This exporting process has not worked for me in the past when I've had a MODFLOW model that included PEST pilot points. I asked Arlen Harbaugh to take a look at the problem and he was able to extract the HK arrays created by PEST and get them into a format that will run with the USGS version of MODFLOW. Don't know if this of any interest to you but I thought I would pass it along. Will be glad to make the files avialable to you if you would like. This exporting capability is very useful and would be even more so if the pilot point arrays were included. Ten years from now you probably won't have the software to run the GMS version of the current MODFLOW models but the "native" MODFLOW input files should be independant of the need for the GMS software.

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