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thermal dispersion

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Dear support team,

I work to model thermal dispertion in river, can I use RMA4?




The Aquaveo website does state RMA4 is used to model thermal dispersion, but depending on the application you need to be careful. The xms wiki (http://xmswiki.com/xms/SMS:RMA4) states:

Although RMA4 has been used to measure temperature effects from such locations as power plant discharges, this is not a recommended application.

There is a lot more good information on the wiki that comes from experience on what is actually possible in RMA4 and what is not.


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thanks for all comment, so that which must i used?


The only options in SMS would be RMA4 or possibly Hydro AS-2D at the moment. Other models are incorporating the dipersion capability but they are not for completed or for public use yet.


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