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SMS rose plots


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The rose plots only exist in a new coverage named a "Spatial Data Coverage".

To use this you create a spatial data coverage and assign a velocity time series to a feature point. You assign the data by right clicking on the point and choosing add data or something similar from the pop-up menu. Unfortunately, we don't have an automated extraction method right now for this data. You can split a vector dataset into x and y components, use an observation coverage to create a time-series plot of both components, and choose view values. This will bring up a spreadsheet that you can copy and paste from to get the data you need.

There is some documentation for this coverage on our wiki.


In a recent talk on SMS at a CIRP workshop in New Orleans in May, a slide (32 - Spatial Data Coverages) suggests you can make a rose plot in SMS:


How do you do this? I have SMS 10.1.8 and can't see this option in the 'plot wizard' box.

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