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Found 9 results

  1. Hello people, In my model SRH-2D created an unlogical amount of discharge out of nowhere so I decided to divide the model into two seperate models with the goal to use the upper part's exit-discharge as the lower part's inlet-discharge. However in both the new upper and the lower model SRH2D stops right away saying that the code diverged; further reduction of time step would help the problem. In the original model I was able to use 2s-timesteps. In the two new ones I already went down to 0.1 s and it still doesn't work. Does anyone have an idea about the reason for that or how to solve the problem? When I did the first run with the ZONAL approach I also got the error message from the pre-processor: "stopped in rd_block_prop.f90 N_ZONE | Error Code is: 29" I used DRY as initial condition afterwards but does somebody know what that error code means?
  2. Hello, I have a problem with modelling a small summer discharge of 0.013 m3/s with SRH-2D using an SMS model that has been used before to model the same amount of discharge via Hydro_AS. Looking at the first three monitor lines there is no problem, beside the SRH-2D water arriving earlier. Since the primary objective will be a temperature modelling it is ok for the hydraulics to not align perfectly temporally. However, after the streambed passes by a small lake, that is connected to the stream via two bed ramps that function as an inflow and outflow, additional water seems to appear out of nowhere. Despite the Inflow Boundary Condition at the start of the model area being a constant 0.013 m3/s as well as the inflow BC written in the_SIF.dat-file, a higher discharge gets recorded by the monitor lines downstream of the lake. This happens BOTH when the lake has been pre-filled via the ZONAL approach for Initial Flow Condition Method as well as when it has been left empty/DRY before modelling. Monitor line shows some of the excess water of the pre-filled lake entering the streambed before the discharge of the Inflow Boundary Condition arrives. It is now about 0.022 m3/s instead of 0.013 m3/s. In reality the stream passes through a culvert right after the lake. Since the discharge issues seemed to start there/after the culvert I hoped for an improvement by modelling it as an open channel in SMS. However, no change can be seen in the excel-discharge-graph. Also, the further downstream I go the more the discharge oscillates. Does anyone have an idea why or how this happens and how I could solve this? Kind regards, Hans
  3. Hi, I found that when making a film loop for flow trace from SRH-2D output, sometimes the video I got is just blank (as attached file). Do anyone know what cause this and how to fix it? sms.avi
  4. 我有一些關於沉澱的問題(bc)。 我想添加一個關於沉積物評級曲線的文件。 我閱讀了手冊並製作了RATING CURVE,但模擬顯示無法找到該文件。 我不知道我的文件格式是錯還是別的。 如果有人有參考示例,請提供給我或告訴我如何修復錯誤。
  5. Is there a way to set the height of an obstruction to a certain elevation? Doesn't appear to be, but I might be missing it. That would come in handy on a project I am doing right now.
  6. I went back to a model that I hadn't worked on in 9 months or so. Everything seems to be set-up ok (bc reasonable, mesh, etc), but I keep getting the run error message that the srh_pre-v30.....exe file is unknown (see attached screen shot). Which I thought might mean the program can't find the executable. But when I go to preferences, it is pointing to the right folder and executable. Is running from a previous version a problem? Thoughts?
  7. Hello! I recently came back to SMS/SRH-2d after an unfortunate TELEMAC period. I previously used SRH-2D v2 and, during the processing, a window included a plot of the "residual monitoring" (figure). This figure helped me know the simulation convergence in real-time. However now that I am using SMS 12.2.12 with SRH-2D this window has disapeared... How can I get it back? Also, is there any way to display the Courant Number and inflow/outflow in real-time? I would be interested to know how the community follow the progress of their simulations. Thank you ! Pablo
  8. Hello, Has anyone run into issues using the "link" boundary condition type, specifically with the SRH-2D preprocessor stalling when a link boundary condition type is used? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I have a model in HEC-Ras version 5.0.3 that I set-up in Civil 3D 2017 (stream alignment, cross sections, LOB, ROB) and I was asked to add in the Manning roughness values from SRH2D. I was asked to do this because I was told that the .geo file from WMS brings in all of the n-values along the cross section, creating a more real-world HEC-Ras model. Currently, I have only 3 n-values. I found a forum that displayed how to correctly transfer the materials file from SRH2D to WMS, and then create essentially the geometry file in WMS to export to HEC-Ras, but I already did most of this in Civil 3D. I don't want to re-do my .geo file in HEC-Ras because it is basically complete. Is there a way to import only the n-values from SRH2D without re-doing my entire HEC-Ras model created from Civil 3D? Thank you
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