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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I have inherited a MODFLOW-model, with a complex stream network defined with the SFR2 package. The model checker reports that many of the stream segments have the error "ELEVUP or ELEVDN is below a cell bottom elevation...". The original MODFLOW model uses MODFLOW 2000, which reported the error, but would run regardless. However, when the version is changed to MODFLOW 2005, the model terminates with error due to "reach altitude error" (as written in the .out file). It is important that the model can run with MODFLOW 2005. Is there a way I can force MODFLOW 2005 to run the model despite the reach altitude errors, (like MODFLOW 2000 apparently can), or do I need to change the stream elevations? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello. Through recent discussions with Alan, it looks like the SFR2 package will only map to a single MODFLOW layer (layer 1). A recent MODFLOW-USG model that I have developed has layer 1 pinching out at the surface and then layer 2 carries on (at the surface), and similar for deeper layers. Can the SFR2 package therefore be modified to allow mapping to any surface layer (i.e. layers 2 and below that outcrop)? That is, any cell that appears on the surface, regardless of the layer assignment. Using the automatic layer assignment of 'auto assign to one cell' might be a way to do this. Thanks.
  3. I am using GMS 10.1.3 and trying to import a MODFLOW NWT model obtained from the USGS. The model appears to import okay, but when I run MODFLOW, it quits after several seconds with the note "MODFLOW terminated with error!" The OUT file states "model stopping due to reach altitude error." Upon further examination of the OUT file, there are warnings for each stream segment that "upstream elevation is equal to or lower than downstream elevation" and the streambed properties listed in the file indeed streambed elevations all set to zero. Looking at the SFR2 package through GMS shows all stream segments ELEVUP and ELEVDN set at zero for stress period one. For all other stress periods, there is data provided for ELEVUP, but ELEVDN remains universally set at zero. I can copy the ELEVUP data from a later stress period and apply this to stress period one, but without ELEVDN data, the altitude errors still occur, terminating MODFLOW. It appears that when importing the file, GMS does not pick up the streambed elevation data. Any help will be much appreciated.
  4. We've had several users ask Technical Support about having solute routing included in GMS, specifically by having it included in our stream/river packages for MODFLOW. The online guide to MODFLOW shows that the SFR package has the capability for including solute data in the MODFLOW simulation run, but requires the use of MODFLOW-GWT. The request then is to add a solute routing interface to the existing SFR2 package interface and include MODFLOW-GWT with GMS for just this circumstance. The users requesting this feature have mentioned that this is essential to their work.
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