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Found 4 results

  1. hello, i have a transient groundwater - surface water GMS model and I need to export river leakage values for single cell for all the time periods. is there a simple way to do that? i can access the leakage value via the sources/sinks menu but only for the selected timestep. thanks.
  2. I apologize, but I am new to GMS and relatively new to Modflow. I have a two layer model with glacial till on top of a bedrock layer for a large watershed. I have my rivers as a polygon shapefile with the data as attributes. Each cell has one polygon associated with it since I intersected my modflow grid and ID each river segment by the cell number (see image right side: Top elevation = surface elevation attribute, riverbed elevation= thalwegM_1, and bottom of grid cell is the berktop attribute, and starting head = StartHead1) I import this into the conceptual model where I have one line for each polygon. I understand that GMS will multiple my conductance value by the area within each cell. However, when I map this to modflow, I have multiple lines per grid cell in the River sources and sinks. Can anyone explain to me where these values are all coming from? (see image left side) I think that they are coming from each effected side of the grid cell? In this example cell, I don't know where the last line is coming from. The stage and elevation are much lower and the conductance is so much higher. Thank you anyone for the clarification! Tammy
  3. Hello everyone ! I'm currently encountering a problem with my rivers. Basically I want to implement a river in my 3D Grid. I have 8 layers (whose tops and bottoms are not flat), and the head-stage and the elevation of my river are not the same all the time (spatially I mean). Meaning, at one location, I want my river condition to be put from layer 1 to 4, and at another, I want it to be put from layer 1 to 6. And it varies a lot (from one cell to the other next to it). So I could do it cell by cell, but I would be compelled to create a great amount of arcs. The problem is that I don't know how to easily put my river condition in each cell from the top layer (surface) to the layer containing the elevation of the riverbed. I've seen that there is three options : - Use layer range - Auto-assign BC to one cell - Auto-assign BC including lower cells. None of the three options fit my problem. In fact, the third one is quite the opposite of what I would like to do. It assigns the BC to the layer containing the elevation of the riverbed plus all the layers beneath it. For a river, I would have expected to assign the condition to all the layers above it. But that option is not available. So what can I do to solve this problem ? Thank you for your answers and time !
  4. Hi, When I try to merge multiple coverages that have specified observed flow to a specific arc group, the merged coverage does not contain all arc groups from the original coverages, but only some of them (not the same arcs every time). Any suggestions how to deal with this, or a different approach to assigned multiple instances of observed flow to complex arc groups? I know there are ways to manually group the arcs in a single coverage and take it from there, but I have an intricate system of streams that is classified according to stream width. The 'observed flow' is used as a workaround by setting its weight to 0, as I need the jacobian matrix calculated by PEST for further analysis; manually grouping all these arcs is not really a workable option. Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance. Pytrik
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