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Found 2 results

  1. I have got three basic question: The angle in the angle of the nodestring in the status windows is measured from which axes? East an ccw does not fit and there is no descrition in the SMS manual...or I am not able to find it. The second question: the direction of the nodestring maybe reversed, but actually it is just reversing the arrows at both sides of the nodestring. The angle is not changed. But reversing the direction of creation, both angle and arrows are turned. In my understanding that would be actually reversing the direction. The last question: What function may the arrows have? For my understanding they may e.g. indicate the assumed flow direction, depending on the software used. Taking the conflict between angle and arrows into account, there now may be a conflict between angle and flow direction. To explain the backround of my question: I was instructed creating the nodestrings for the inflow boundary conidtion of a hydrodynamic model (Hydro_AS-2d) always in such a way, that the arrows are directed into the opposite direction of the flow. The angle in the status window is then written into the boundary condition as initial flow direction. While this all may be correct, I would simply take the assumed angle of flow direction. The angle of the nodestring may be a help, but actually may be totally wrong (e.g. reversed direction, non-linear nodestring). Thanks for your support!
  2. Is there a way ( I am trying in SMS 11.1 ) to have SMS automatically put nodestring boundaries around the entire mesh boundary? Much like Mesh to Map; Mesh Boundaries -> Polygons. It can be a pain if you have many islands to go around and individually click out each boundary.
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