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Found 8 results

  1. Hi folks I have been trying to make a simple streamtube model to try and replicate tracer data results from the field in GMS. I have set up the MODFLOW model with no-flow boundaries on the side and prescribed head boundaries at each end. Then I have set up an MT3DMS model with an injection well with the tracer. I have then tried to match the breakthrough curve from MT3DMS with the measured tracer data, with the final goal of calibrating the model so that the observed and modeled data has the best fit. I have entered an observation point with the tracer data imported using the conceptual model coverage method. After simulation, the observation point and the modeled tracer data seem to be somewhat connected. The interval illustration is shown and is faded in periods where the model time is outside the measuring period. However, I am not getting any results, and the interval illustration seems to be 0 for the entire period. When I try to plot the computed data vs. the observed, it seems to take the computed data as both computed and observed, giving a 45-degree straight-line plot. Is it because the observation data is a point while the computed data is a cell, or is it another problem? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Nicolai
  2. Dear Members, I have never used modflow-usg before. I am wondering if MT3DMS is compatible with the Modflow-USG "Ugrid" flow model and the CLN well package? In other words, if I create a flow model using the UGrid in Modflow-USG and wells using the CLN package, would I be able to simulate solute transport using MT3DMS in GMS? I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Mahmoud
  3. Hi I need to calculate the salt/mass load (salt/mass load contribution of the groundwater contaminant plume to the stream/drain) in certain streams from my MT3DMS model. What is the best/easiest way to calculate it? My input units are in metres and mg/l. Do I select compute mass flux at sources/sinks in the Transport observation package menu? Then use the drain coverage to see what the mass flux is along the segment? What unit is this mass flux then in? mg/day ? mg per time step?
  4. Hi, Is there a way to obtain a time series of the variation of constituent concentration at a selected grid cell in MT3DMS? Thank you, Lalith
  5. Hi, I have a set of measured Thiophenol concentration values. I can prepare a 3D plume of Thiophenol using 3D Geostatistics tool of GMS (in a 3D grid) in a new GMS project. However, I cannot make this 3D plume grid in an existing model set up that already has both modflow and MT3DMS models in the same region. When I prepare the plume as 3D Grid Data in the same model set up as in modflow and MT3DMS model, GMS requires to delete modflow and MT3DMS 3D grid. The reason why I want to prepare the 3D Thiophenol plume in the same set up as my modflow and MT3DMS model set is because I want to provide the above Thiophonol plume as the initial condition to the M3DMS model? How can I use “3D Data Set -> Grid…” option for this? Or, is my approach to this modeling initial conditions for MT3DMS correct? Please advise me? Any suggestion to resolve this situation is highly appreciated. Thank you, Lalith
  6. Is there a feature within GMS that would allow a user to calculate the location of the center of mass of a simulated (via MT3DMS) contaminant plume over time?
  7. Even after toggling on the Recharge Conc. option in 'Areal Properties' in the Coverage setup, I can't find the same option while trying to assign the recharge conc. after selecting a polygon. Please help.
  8. I don't think I have to describe this very much. We all know what this means - faster run times! Does GMS plan to utilize parallel computing for multiple cores for its version of MT3DMS anytime soon?
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