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Found 4 results

  1. I am doing a sediment transport model in SMS SRH-2D. While assigning sediment material properties, I can't see any option for selecting sediment materials as coverage type for SRH 2D model. Can someone provide me some insight on how can I solve this problem? (A screenshot of problem is given below.) N.B.: I am using SMS 12.1(64bit).
  2. Hi, I'm working with a 3D mesh for a FEMWATER simulation and I would like to evaluate the effect to insert an hydraulic barrier in the model. I have a list of (say) 6 materials, but the mesh uses only 5 real materials. If I try to change the material of an element and I want to convert in the one not yet used in the mesh (the barrier), the GMS crashes. Is there the possibility to workaround the inconvenience? Thank you
  3. I have a material-based conceptual model developed from an existing FEM model - 10 layers, all but one layer have homogeneous Kh and Kv values. Using MF2005 with LPF. The one heterogeneous layer is currently represented by the geometric mean. How can I incorporate the heterogeneous layer in the material based model? Thanks in advance Ted
  4. Hello All, I'm trying to automatically assign material types to a mesh according to the local land use pattern. So far I've found two ways: 1.) for an existing mesh, manually assign each element one material type 2.) assign the polygons, which are used to bound the auto-generation areas, a material type and then generate the mesh 1. is, especially on larger meshes, very error-prone and time-consuming. 2. is possible, if one can generate the mesh from polygons - which isn't always possible or feasible. Is there a way to assign material types to an existing mesh using a polygon-shape? Thanks for the help and have a good WE, S. Berendsen
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