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Found 5 results

  1. Dear all, I am trying to model a “subsurface dam” using the Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package which simulates thin low-permeability geologic features to impede the horizontal flow of groundwater. I have a model with two alluvium layers which are shown in the attached schematic figure. In the HFB package, the cell boundary represents a vertical face between two adjacent cells. The question here is how I can define a barrier within one cell (layer) up to a specific level rather than the whole cell thickness (like layer 1 in the figure). Your help and insight would be highly appreciated. Best regards,
  2. Is it possible in NWT for the hydraulic characteristic of an HFB to change over time? If so it would be useful to have this as a transient option, much like GHB conductance, to simulate the installation of HFBs over time and their degradation long-term.
  3. I've read the HFB pacakge description found in http://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:HFB_Package but I'm still not understand which is the correct valure for HC. From the barrier fact sheet: -hydraulic conductivity equivalent: 1E-10 m/s -thickenss : 0.01 m The thickness is in the direction of the flow as described in http://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:HFB_Package. I get HC = K/T = 1E-8 m/s/m How Modlfow (LFP) use HC in resolving the flow equations without the barrier thickness? Why not set HC to the hydraulic conductivity equivalent value? Thank you daniele
  4. Hi All, I am trying to model two high angle faults (>80 degrees) and two low angle fault (~60 degrees) and was planning on using the HFB package for all of the faults to simulate the high gouge content in the hanging wall of the faults. This works great for the high angle faults where I have assumed them to be vertical, however with the lower angle faults there seems to be some potential for vertical pathways were there are larger layers in the lower portion of the model. Is there any way other than just changing cells aquifer properties to limit vertical flow? Thank you - Greg
  5. Hello Everyone, I have a doubt in specifying no-flow boundary condition, Should it be done with making specified flow 0 , or should it be by horizontal barrier? Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance Saubhagya
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