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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I am trying to run LTEA tool for my study area. First I did the tutorial for the LTEA and it worked totally fine. Then I prepared the required data such as coastline, bathymetry data etc. But every time i get the following error. I also copied the adcirc log during when it tries to run the simulation. This is shown below. ***************************************** Successfully checked product registration ***************************************** INFO: The ROOTDIR is '.'. INFO: The INPUTDIR is '.'. INFO: The GBLINPUTDIR is '.'. INFO: The GLOBALDIR is '.'. INFO: The LOCALDIR is '.'. INFO: The HOTSTARTDIR is '.'. _______________________________________________________________________________ PROGRAM ADCIRC VERSION 50.99.13 AN ADVANCED CIRCULATION MODEL FOR SHELVES, COASTAL SEAS AND ESTUARIES - DEVELOPED BY R.A. LUETTICH, JR UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL INSTITUTE OF MARINE SCIENCES J.J. WESTERINK DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AND GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME - THE ADCIRC SOURCE CODE IS COPYRIGHTED BY R.A. LUETTICH, JR. AND J.J. WESTERINK, 1994-2006 NO PART OF THIS CODE MAY BE REPRODUCED OR REDISTRIBUTED WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE AUTHORS _______________________________________________________________________________ THE NEIGHBOR TABLE IS BEING COMPUTED THE NEIGHBOR TABLE IS COMPLETED THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF NEIGHBORS FOR ANY NODE = 3 1+THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF NEIGHBORS FOR ANY NODE = 9 THE PARAMETER MNEI CAN BE SET AS SMALL AS 9 !!!!!!!!!! WARNING - NONFATAL INPUT ERROR !!!!!!!!! TYPICALLY YOUR INPUT VALUE FOR TAU0 SHOULD BE SET EQUAL TO TAU forrtl: severe (41): insufficient virtual memory Image PC Routine Line Source adcirc.exe 0068DCC0 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcirc.exe 006404DF Unknown Unknown Unknown adcirc.exe 00623567 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcirc.exe 005E6E55 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcirc.exe 00433788 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcirc.exe 004F064F Unknown Unknown Unknown adcirc.exe 00429889 Unknown Unknown Unknown
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